White Stuff Dresses and Tunics – how good is the quality?

white stuff dresses

Do white stuff dresses scream White Stuff more than Boden screams Boden? The dresses are excellent and I find that the skirts, trousers, cardis etc are all fine, but the t-shirts and tops often seem a bit thin for the price, and they do a lot of ‘raw/ unfinidhed’ cut edges, which I don’t like. A lot of the tops are thin cotton but I find it washes well but look out for the eye watering lowcut in some of tops. The  knitwear tends to bobble terribly after a couple of washes. What I really love are the White Stuff dresses, yes those garish prints on some of the dresses is what I like. There is a fairly good selection of un- White Stuff is that rocks your boat.

View some pretty smashing White Stuff dresses and tunic here>>

If bargains are your thing then view the white stuff dresses on sale here>>

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