Trying To Get Pregnant – Tips To Help You Conceive

Are you trying to get pregnant? No doubt it is a stressful thing, these top tips will help you boost your fertility. More so when your doctor tells you to “relax and you will get pregnant” There is however a renewed interest in that statement. Hidden within that statement are more facts than meet the eye.


Stress at it again!
The issue of stress looks inevitable when one is trying to conceive. The complexity arises when you think you are relaxed and everybody is telling you that you are not! Well, there needs not be so much confusion over the issue. There are simple ways to check if you whether you are under stress of not. When the usual vaginal wetness you experience during ovulation is interspersed with dry spells then watch it; that is a red signal.

Signing in promptly
We are familiar with signing in or clocking in. While we do not often relate this to sex and pregnancy, the fact is that for optimum results, you are better off having sex in the morning.  Again you have to be mindful of your fertile period

Staying up for a while
Some authorities advocate the woman lies down on her back with hips propped up on a pillow for about 20 minutes after sex. This is believed to assist the sperms to have a free movement towards the eggs without working against gravity.

Some authorities believe that the variation in sperm count during the day is not a very crucial issue. While these options might not be considered as absolute, they definitely help when you don’t want leave any stone unturned. So, go for it and expect good news soon.


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