TM Lewin Women’s shirts and Suits review- are they good quality?

TM has no idea about how to market to women, but hey do they need to? The TM Lewin Women’s shirts aren’t created for glamour but quality that washes well. Go in the TM Lewin shop and you may feel a little intimidated but it does deliver what it says on the tin: four shirts for £100 smackers. And that’s all some men want. The great thing are the shirts available in some really nice colours that are rich, bright or neutral depending on taste. Some of the women;s shirts edge a bit on the boring side but hey they are mearnt to be practical and do wash well is that’s what you care about. If you want something a bit more flattering fit then go for the fitted body shape shirts.

View the entire TM Lewin Women’s suits and shirts collection here>>

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