Boden Johnnie B Sizes – and how good is the quality

boden johnnie b sizes

Does Johnnie B sizing run true to size you may be wondering? The Johnnie B sizing system can be a bit confusing as the dresses and tops are mostly S, M or L. These can fit perfectly some adults who are on the smaller end up to size 12 for L. I like some of their stuff, their Johnnie B teenage range is very good quality but skinny jeans can run a little bit small so size them up. I have to say Boden Johnnie B wouldnt be my first choice as ‘cool’ but I like the simplicity of the range and these are good for teenage wardrobe staple or adults who are lucky enough to still fit in these.

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Mini Boden for Boys and Girls – over-priced or worth it for the quality??

Is Mini Boden vver-priced or worth it for the quality?
Is Mini Boden Kitsch or delightfully retro?
Is Mini Boden Aspirational or snobby?

I think the clothes are great and for girls they can look pretty without flashing her knickers as she climbs trees. Quality is sometimes a bit inconsistent but the mini boden girls and boys clothes are a staple wardrobe for young children. Most things do last for absolutely ages but others have warped out of shape after only a few washes. I have always found their sizes to be good – particularly and tends to be true to size on bottom or trousers and run a bit larger for tops.

With great resale value on Ebay too, I don’t think the prices are too ridicluous, particularly for a few bits and pieces to jazz up a child wardrobe. I love the stuff for the boys too, it is really good quality. Sell it on Mini Boden kids stuff afterwards for a decent price so it doesn’t actually work out “that” expensive!!!!!

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Boden Jeans review – are they good?

Are you eyeing the Boden skinny jeans , bootcut or straight leg  jeans? Are Boden jeans really any good? My favourite are the straight legged jeans, they are an absolute dream. The fabric and colour resembles more expensive jeans and the cut is superb and you’ll get a lot of wear out of these. Boden jeans are really flattering and comfortable with some great colours to choose from.  Boden jeans can fit me like a glove if you chose the right size. Boden skinny jeans tend to run true to size while the straightleg jeans run small so you may need to buy the next size up, but actually enhance and beautify my shape! The fabric weight and thickness are SO good and the jeans enhances and beautify your body shape. Boden Petite jeans range available on some jeans too.

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Boden Leather Biker Jacket – is it worth it?

boden leather biker jacket

This is a to die for Boden belted jacket in soft leather. Unlock your inner biker chic as leather biker jackets are big this season and the only downside is the big price you’ll fork out on this jacket. So, if you are feeling a bit budget conscious you can get traditional black leather gilet for £75 at Miss Selfridge or red leather Jacket for £75 at topshop but these are meant for young women and dont particularly shape well on the shoulders and neckline. Both very reasonable amounts for some exciting additions to any wardrobe but the Boden Butter soft leather that makes this is scrumptious and worth the extra money. The belt gives me a waist and the slightly longer length is really flattering.

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Boden Coats and Jackets – any good?

Boden jackets and coats don’t come cheap, the fab Boden leather blazer from the prieview autumn catalouge sets you back £275, but is it worth it? There are some beautiful, rich colours and a heavy duty velvet which will give warmth as the weather cools. Most Boden jackets fits like a glove and allow for bust and I am sure you’ll he delighted with it!

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Boden Clearance Sale Dates 2011 – when does Boden sale starts?

Boden clearance (60%off) + extra 10%off + Free delivery is one of the best sales ever at Boden. Currently the clearance section has some deals and good bargains. I have just rang Boden to get a date out of them when the next sale starts but they couldn’t conform! The main big sales are normally in the first week of July and first week in December but there are always discounts around for you to get a good bargain.

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Boden Clothes Sizing – are Boden sizes generous or not?

Do Boden clothes run true to size? Yes we know Boden sizing chart tell you what size you are but find out here is Boden sizes runs to small, true to size or too big. The Boden sizes are quite generous, think of it this way Boden isn’t made for some slim young girls in perfect shape. Even the children’s clothes sizes are huge and 5 year old son will still fits in age 3-4 from Boden. My advice would be to always read the item descriptio as it often tells you to size up or down in the description so its important to read it. If it doesn’t say anything there then just go by the chart, but in general they do good sizes.

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Boden Cashmere – does it bobble or peel?

Do you really want to know the truth about Boden Cashmere or any other cashmere jumpers? It will bobble, its just the nature of natural fibres and so don’t believe lies from anyone who tells you their cashmere doesn’t bobble. The secret is a cashmere comb which will make your cashmere jumper look as good as new after you by gently combing. Believe it or not, the finer the cashmere the greater the tendency to bobble or pill under friction so you may notice bobbling more under the arms and where the fabric rubs against something.

What I like about the Boden cashmere jumpers is it feels so much softer and nicer than a lot of cashmere that’s around. There are in some lovely cashmere colours that you wont find at Brora, John Lewis and even Marks and Spencer. The Boden cashmere is slightly expensive but well worth it in my opinion as it washes very well and is of good quality.

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Boden Maternity Wear Range – are Boden maternity dresses yay or nay?

Boden maternity range

Well lets face most maternity dresses out there are horrid and who said mums to be shouldn’t look yummy. What a fresh breath of air to see some nice Boden maternity dresses without necklines that look like you are wannabe WAG with decent knee length too. If like me you like some nice prints even in winter then you wont be dissappointed.

View entire Boden maternity range here with some lovely colours here>>

Boden Printed Cord Dress

So pretty is this Boden Printed Cord Dress and this dress could be a multi purpose dress that has a sense of individuality. The neckline is great and this dress is multi-purpose for so many occasions and it just screams individuality. This is the perfect dress to dress down with chunky boots, thick tights and a chunky cardigan, or dress up with smart footwear and sheer tights. The little pretty pleats on the neckline just add to the thrill of this dress. Best of all its also available on petite size.

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