Mini Boden for Boys and Girls – over-priced or worth it for the quality??

Is Mini Boden vver-priced or worth it for the quality?
Is Mini Boden Kitsch or delightfully retro?
Is Mini Boden Aspirational or snobby?

I think the clothes are great and for girls they can look pretty without flashing her knickers as she climbs trees. Quality is sometimes a bit inconsistent but the mini boden girls and boys clothes are a staple wardrobe for young children. Most things do last for absolutely ages but others have warped out of shape after only a few washes. I have always found their sizes to be good – particularly and tends to be true to size on bottom or trousers and run a bit larger for tops.

With great resale value on Ebay too, I don’t think the prices are too ridicluous, particularly for a few bits and pieces to jazz up a child wardrobe. I love the stuff for the boys too, it is really good quality. Sell it on Mini Boden kids stuff afterwards for a decent price so it doesn’t actually work out “that” expensive!!!!!

View the Mini Boden Outfits Collection in gorgeous styles here>>

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