Boden Cashmere – does it bobble or peel?

Do you really want to know the truth about Boden Cashmere or any other cashmere jumpers? It will bobble, its just the nature of natural fibres and so don’t believe lies from anyone who tells you their cashmere doesn’t bobble. The secret is a cashmere comb which will make your cashmere jumper look as good as new after you by gently combing. Believe it or not, the finer the cashmere the greater the tendency to bobble or pill under friction so you may notice bobbling more under the arms and where the fabric rubs against something.

What I like about the Boden cashmere jumpers is it feels so much softer and nicer than a lot of cashmere that’s around. There are in some lovely cashmere colours that you wont find at Brora, John Lewis and even Marks and Spencer. The Boden cashmere is slightly expensive but well worth it in my opinion as it washes very well and is of good quality.

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